Do not grieve child, just trust me I Am changing things to how I want them to be

There will be those who you love most, those with whom you have been so close

all of a sudden you will see, they are not really close to me.

Child do not grieve it is for the best, just trust me I will give you rest

I will give you the strength you need, I will hold you, will give..just receive

I am sorting and sifting in this hour those who are mine will be filled with my power, just allow me and you will see everything will be as I want it to be.

I will join you with those filled with me.. do not grieve child I want you free, free from the things which have caused you pain, your life won’t ever be the same , it will be filled with love, more than you can measure you are my jewel, my precious treasure!

This is the time this is the hour!!!