Do you think there is no hope for hope you cannot see

Are you surrounded with darkness is that all you can see?

Do you search for hope in tangible things

To dull your pain but more darkness it brings?

Does each day bring bitterness because hope you can’t find

Nothing brings peace to your heart or mind

Do drugs lift you up and alcohol too?

Do you think you will find hope in a bottle…do you?

There is no hope in tangible things

But there is one to your heart ..hope he brings


He is the one who brings hope to all

Wont you respond and answer his call

He is the one who shines light in the dark

He will set you on fire from a tiny spark

The spark lit by his Spirit when you ask him in

His Spirit that cleanses you from your sin



Wont you ask Jesus who is our hope into your life today?

Wont you fall at his feet worship him and pray?


When you answer his call ?

And seek him with your all?

Repent from your sin?

You will see there is hope for the light will come in!!!!!