Many don’t know what religious means

It is not what they think it is not what it seems

Religion is following things planned by man

Instead of following the Great I AM

It’s performing rituals like they did in the past

Instead of doing the things that will last

Mans religion always places man first

Instead of Jesus for whom people thirst

Man blocks the way for them to enter Gods place

Man says they’re not worthy to seek HIS face

They need man to cover and give protection to them

Instead of surrendering and holding Jesus’ hem

So many rituals that belong in the past

Instead of entering Gods Kingdom which lasts

They pay lip service to Jesus they call on His name

But they don’t submit to Him and be changed

How sad it is they don’t see the veil torn

They don’t see that Jesus opened the door

They still follow man and don’t realize

It is surrender that opens our eyes

Many don’t know what religious means

It’s not what they think it’s not what it seems.